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A vast selection of Magic Tricks & Puzzles suitable for beginners and experts alike.

live magic shows

“A Fleeting Journey Through the History of Magic” – 1 Hour Show


Available as part of a Small Group or Private One-To-One lessons.


Available to hire for Weddings, Private Parties and Corporate Functions

Zak Stone

Award winning Sleight of Hand Magician
British Champion of Close-Up Magic

Y.S.M Close-Up Champion 1996 –1997 – 1998 – 1999
N.M.C Close-UP Champion 1998
N.M.C Presidents Champion 1998
I.B.M Close-Up Champion 1999

R.C.M Close-Up Champion 2007 – 2009 – 2013
D.M.C Close-Up Champion 2012 - 2014

The International Brotherhood of Magicians:
British Champion of Close-Up Magic

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amaze & astound

A small sample of the Magic Tricks & Puzzles available to purchase from my shop.
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Dynamic coins

Price £
Your audience will be amazed and astounded as you magically move coins from one metal cylinder to another and then vanish them completely! This deceptively easy magic trick gets audiences talking and is a proven crowd pleaser.
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svengali deck

Price £
The Svengali Deck allows you to do incredible Card Tricks that are easy to learn and require very little skill. In addition, more experienced magicians can use a ‘Stripper Deck’ to perform hundreds of other Card Tricks
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pen through note

Price £
Ask your audience for a bank note, force a pen through the bank note and then reveal the bank note to be completely unharmed! This is another simple to learn Magic Trick that makes it perfect for beginners while creating a great illusion for professional magicians to use too.
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Price £
Meet Puzzleman! Puzzleman is sold as a cube. Your first mission is to transform the cube into Puzzleman. Then undertake the more difficult second Mission and turn Puzzleman back into a cube! Devilishly difficult. Suitable for Ages: 3yrs+ Cube: 8 x 8 x 8cm


A small collection of Thank You notes from some of my very happy clients.